The GPS roadmap and success formula to quickly

birth your Abundant, “Money Magnet” Self.

  • Have you been working hard on your personal development, spiritual growth, and doing your inner work, yet nothing seems to help increase your abundance or change your money situation?

  • Are you sick and tired of struggling financially?

  • Are you wondering why your abundance flow is blocked?

  • Do you sometimes find yourself asking "Is there any help for me?"

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, 
then this is for YOU!!! Because...

Deep inside, you know there is so much more to your life and what you can offer to the world,
but you haven’t been able to manifest it at the rate you would like.


Discover a powerful way to align your energies to
attract more abundance in your life, so you can live your purpose.

My clients have manifested these incredible Money Miracles!

  • Salary doubled from $50,000 after worked with Jenny!

  • $12,000 today...biggest gain ever made in one day!​

  • A new Mercedes!!! Life improved 200% on all levels!

  • Over $100,000 profit!​

  • Over $12,000 savings, lost 45 lbs, 2 PRICELESS miracles!​

  • 35-40% Increase in Income!

  • $500 a month school Scholarship​

  • 100% Increase in number of clients in 10 days​

  • Wow! Over of $14,000 unexpected money and winnings​

  • I’m now a “Money Magnet”. Won $500 prize. Have many ideal clients​

Ask yourself this...

What is your current financial situation?

  • Money is inconsistent or living paycheck to paycheck

  • Blocks to receiving and creating abundance

  • Thoughts of being sabotaged by others or not supported by the Divine/God

  • Difficulty in charging or getting paid for your services for what you are worth

  • Repeating patterns of struggles and poverty in your ancestry

  • Need more prosperity so you can live your purpose

What is your emotional state or well-being?

  • Stressed out, frustrated or anxious with your financial situation

  • Sabotaging habits of over-spending, over-giving and under-receiving

  • Having some shame, guilt or traumas related to your childhood, sexuality in regarding to your financial situations

  • Yearning to connect to your inner guidance and make a difference with the work you do

  • Lack of confidence and faith on your abilities to earn money consistently

  • Experiencing sleeping difficulties or chronic pain especially neck, shoulders and lower back


  • Unable to take effective actions, and stepping into your purpose and financial success

"I have been there myself many times over."


Even though I had a Masters Degree in Nursing, earning a middle class income, I was still living paycheck-to-paycheck. After many failed business ventures in an attempt to bring in supplemental income to pay off debt, I ended up quickly racking up much more debt, and then had to file for bankruptcy. 

My financial situation ultimately turned around when I worked through my “gunk” limitations and aligned my energies to become a “Money Magnet”. Since, I have doubled my highest salary ever and making over 6 figure income. I’m living my purpose and prosper doing what I love as a transformational healer and coach--making the real impact.

NOW, Imagine This To Be Your Current Reality!

Your desired financial and abundance reality!

  • Debt free or less in debt, more savings & income growth

  • Healing your relationship with money including poverty and lack and scarcity consciousness

  • Birth your abundant, "Money Magnet" self and experience what's possible for you and your family

    • Resetting your income set-point, breakdown your inner and outer glass ceilings to how much money you can earn

    • Healing and forgiveness of shame, guilt or other traumatic experiences like debts and bankruptcy

    • Creating lasting financial wealth and freedom so you can live your true purpose

    Your desired emotional state or well-being!

    • Enjoying and living your life to the fullest, not just "existing"

    • Feeling confident, loved, and supported by the Divine/God

    • Healing your past hurts, traumas, and losing your triggered buttons so you can move forward

    • More energy, focus and on purpose

      • Healing your money stories, limiting core beliefs and thought patterns that keep you in the cycle of struggles

      • Having better health, loving relationships, and pain free or less days in pain

      • Having more inspirations and developing skills to enhance your personal and/or business abundance

      Incredible “Money Magnet” Miracles By Real People Like You:

      Salary doubled from $50,000 after worked with Jenny

      "I met Jenny through my sister. One important factor about her I feel is important to share is that she helps me upgrade my point of reference regarding money earned. My whole life, $50,000 per year was my top salary. I worked with Jenny and NOW my salary doubled unexpectedly. I am so very grateful to her." ~ Nora, New York, USA

      Money is pouring in​


      "Since purchase Jenny's Abundance program, I got $10,000 unexpected backed payment from the government. Financially is so good now. I play bingo x 30 yrs, recently I won $750, $850, and then $1,400. I'm telling you I can't lose. It's been amazing. The money is pouring in.  Every time I turn around, I'm getting money. I got another $1,000 sitting right here and I even haven't take to the bank yet. I have not had any financial issues since. Where I was, compared where I am now, it's like two different places. I am giving thanks! You are such an angel. I am so grateful for you Jenny!" ~Del, USA

      We made $12,000 today... biggest gain we ever made in one day​

      "I have something awesome to tell you! My husband checked our portfolio as he usually do at the end of the market day and he told me we made $12,000 today. This is one of the biggest gain we ever made in one day. My list of issues are already being worked on prior to our 1 on 1 session. Thank you! Gratefully. ~ Nora, Canada

      35-40% Increase in Income​


      "Thank you very much, Angel Jenny. The Higher Self Emergence video has been amazing. Our summer camp enrollment increased by 40% and our enrollment for the school year increased by 35%. The revenue from scholarship funding has increased by 50%. Most importantly my relationships, both personal and business are more bonded and joyful. Our Team members work harmoniously allowing me more time to get out and work "on" the business instead of "in" the business. The peace of mind I have received is above and beyond words. Thanks again, Jenny, for sharing this powerful tool." 

      ~ Geri Brisbane, Teacher & Founding Director of Brisbane Academy Preparatory School 

      Over $100,000 profit! WOW!

      "While participating in Jenny’s Abundance beta-tester program. One day I went to check out a construction project with my husband. As we entered this country setting I said to myself "This place is magical and I would love to be a part of this." There is a beautiful spring fed creek that goes thru the property. We watched the Bald Eagle flying overhead. In my heart of hearts, I knew this was a place for me!

      We were able to purchase a property that was appraised for $200,000 for $179,000. Because of abilities to remodel we can add $80,000 value to the property and it will be worth about $280,000.

      The best part of all, is that this will be a legacy of fun family times for many years to come for our family and that is priceless.” Thank you, Jenny and the Godteam!" ~ Elena, USA

      ​These Transformations Can Be YOURS!

      So, I am here to tell you that there is definitely hope and help! In the past, I’ve had my fair share of financial struggles. I have always wanted to lead by example, “be the do it first healer” and that’s why I was guided to create this amazing package to give you the roadmap to birth your abundant and magnificent “Money Magnet” YOU!

      It can be done with the proper support, guidance and a clear roadmap.  So many of my clients ALREADY have Money Miracles!  If I can do it, they can do it, then so CAN you!!!

      Package Discount: 95%

      Total Package Value Over $3,500

      Special Offer

      $299  $99

      7 MP3s + 1 Healing video-MP4

      The Abundance Healing Journey - 4 Part Audio Series​

      90 Days Abundance Bubble for you & your immediate family members

      Success Blueprint PDF

      Be in the vibration of what you desire...

      it will come faster MP4​

      Let go of your you can heal MP4​

      3+ Hours Recorded Q & A Abundance Group call

      Private Facebook Community

      30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

      WHY is this abundance and money package so
      different and powerful than ever before?

      So thorough and comprehensive, and addresses ALL areas of ABUNDANCE healing, from clearing and healing of:

        • Interferences such as negative entities, energetic cords, heart-walls and frozen emotions with 100% success at quantum speed for your Highest Good that may be preventing you from success, healing, and connection to the Divine/God

        • Ancestral and karmic healing

        • Inner child and traumas healing

        • Inner feminine and masculine energies

        • Sexual energies and sexual transmutation for creativity & expression

        • Higher Self Emergence, connecting and strengthening your gifts and abilities

        • Spiritual support team, connecting and strengthening with your God team and Money Advisors

        • Raising your vibrations and aligning you to your Abundance blueprint while healing what’s in the way like low levels of self-worth, self-love, self-esteem, etc.

        • Powerful healing tools like MP3s, MP4s, 90 days Abundance Bubble and more for support to birth your magnificent, “Money Magnet” self

        Expert Reviews

        “Jenny helped me become a Money Magnet!

        Highly recommend you work with Jenny very closely.
        You won't regret it.”


        "Jenny is definitely a person you want to work with... She has helped me become definitely a bigger "money magnet" than I've ever become before. Jenny is a beacon of divine light with high love, high truth, and high integrity. Jenny really shines because she is so kind, so loving, so compassionate, you just feel completely enveloped in love when you work with her. I know I do, so I highly recommend that you take this opportunity to work with Jenny very closely. You won't regret it.”
        ~ Dr. Karen Kan, Holistic Physician & Spiritual Medicine Expert
        #1 Bestselling author of Guide to Healing Chronic Pain - Holistic Approach

        “Helped me naturally attract more clients and develop and sell more products”


        “I found Jenny Ngo’s energy work to be very powerful. I love her open, honest, authentic nature. She works as very clear channel to bring her GOD Team into work with your GOD Team, without any egoic intellect getting in the way. With this technique she was able to facilitate very profound clearings from my energetic fields to help me release the resistance I was feeling towards taking my work to the next level. She also offers sound practice advice from her Heart, and has helped me naturally attract more clients and develop and sell more products so I can feel on purpose. Thank you Jenny, Big Love.”
        ~ Matt Andrews, Channel and Facilitator for ManTarA

        “Shifts happening around as if a veil being removed to let the treasure out.”


        “Jenny.., the real deal!!! As she started working on the issue I could sense shifts happening around as if a veil being removed to let the treasure out. I'm impressed with her in depth knowledge and explanation about her process. That's really amazing!!!!”
        ~ Aparna Vemuri, Inner Alchemy Facilitator

        “Jenny has a remarkable gift of healing that allows her to clear and transform layers negative energy which blocks health and wholeness.”


        “Jenny has a remarkable gift of healing that allows her to clear and transform layers negative energy which blocks health and wholeness. Jenny is very dedicated to working with each person or groups of people in a way that brings about balance on all levels--body, mind, and spirit and in all areas of one's life. The integrity of what Jenny does is amazing.”
        ~ Nancy Gordon, Ph.D., Psychoneuroimmunologist, Corporate Coach, National Wellness Consultant, & Author- "The Guiding Philosophy for the Future of Healthcare: It's Not What You Think...(Actually It Is What You Think"!)

        Are you willing to let go of “gunk”- judgments, beliefs, and/or traumas that are holding you back, and reclaim the life that the Divine/God Source intended for you?

        Isn't It Time?

        • Time to shine your Light and live your life to the fullest


        • Time to step into your Magnificence, your best version of yourself

        • Time to birth your magnificent "Money Magnet" self

        Imagine, yourself having more money now….

        What would you be doing with your free time?

        Where would you go?

        Who would you allow yourself to become?

        Here, I’m having fun fishing.

        Kayaking and loving it.

        Taking a family vacation, enjoying the beautiful sunset, the soothing ocean waves, and the sandy beach with my 2 kiddos, my husband, and family.

        This is truly a comprehensive abundance and money package that will transform your life from the inside out!

        Giving you a clear pathway to success, the GPS roadmap and success formula to become a Money Magnet just like those who are successful with high integrity.

        Your job is to do your inner work, be willing to let go of your limitations, and come into alignment of what you desire.


        While our God teams and I will provide you the healing and nurturing environment you need to birth your “Money Magnet” self.


        When readiness meets alignment is when miracles occur!


        Many of my clients have experienced small and big miracles already...

        Are you ready?

        NOW Is The Time!​

        30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

        This Package Includes:

        • 7 MP3s + 1 Healing video-MP4​


        • The Abundance Healing Journey - 4 Part Audio Series

        • Bonus #1: 90 Days Abundance Bubble for you & your immediate family members

        • Bonus #2: Success Blueprint PDF

        • Bonus #3: Be in the vibrations of what you will come faster MP4

        • Bonus #4: Let go of your you can heal MP4

        • Bonus #5: Recorded Q & A Abundance Group call

        • Private Facebook Community

        ITEM 1: Abundance and Success: Transmuting Deep ­Rooted Core Beliefs, Limiting Thoughts Patterns, and Traumas That Affect Your Abundance and Success (Value $55)

        8 minute MP3 - Music and Soundless with usage instruction

        This MP3 helps you to work through the underlying reasons that prevent you from obtaining the financial abundance and success that you deserve. It also helps to transmute your limiting money paradigm, limiting deep-rooted core beliefs and thought patterns, and traumas that affect your abundance and success including ancestral/generational healing. In addition, it helps to align and release the dense energies in your energetic bodies that preventing you from having a higher perspective to your success and financial situations such as tendencies to live paycheck to paycheck, fears and worries, bankruptcy, and indebtedness.

        Huge improvement in my ability to receive on all levels


        "With your abundance MP3 I've noticed a huge improvement in my ability to receive, on all levels, acknowledgement, gifts, support in practical ways- big for me, money only as I've really needed."

        ~ Ann, Ireland, Energy healer

        After years of trying, now my second and root chakra are finally opening!


        "I used to feel very blocked in my second chakra, actually for years I felt really blocked in my second chakra and tried to open it up, but everything I tried didn't work, and I gave up. I also had a vague idea that I want to help people with my writing and with my energy work, but I didn't really have the ideas or the motivation to carry it out.

        A week after I started working with the Abundance and Success MP3, I had specific ideas to start writing kindle books to self-publish, and to write a free meditation guide to offer with my healing services.

        Two weeks after I started working with the Abundance and Success MP3, I started feeling energy moving through my second chakra more consistently. My second chakra is finally opening! My root chakra too is opening, and I feel more supported! I did not expect these results, and I'm really glad they happened!"

        ~ Anna M., USA

        ITEM 2: ​Focus & Performance MP3 (Value $35)

        10 minute MP3 - Music and Soundless with usage instruction

        This MP3 helps you to work through the underlying reasons for your inability to focus on performing the tasks at hand. It also helps you to release the trapped--dense energies that prevents you from focusing on your goals and performance. Also, releasing the negative energies that are preventing you from being able to focus on your tasks and that are causing you to struggle and suffer from “performance” anxiety, fear, nervousness, and/or symptoms of ADD/ADHD.

        In addition, help you to focus 10-20% of your energies to what matters and get 80-90% results. Further, help you with time management and energy management so you can focus on what’s important. The more you are able to let go of the dense limiting energies, then the easier it is to focus and excel in what you do.

        Help me stay focus and get so much done!


        "I have symptoms of adult ADD, this MP3 really help me to stay focus on task and get so much more done! Thank you for this blessing."​

        ~ S.N., USA

        Having fun working on my business


        "I found myself willing to work on my business, without forcing myself. It's actually fun now! just priceless"

        ~ I.P.

        ITEM 3: Inner child & adolescent healing for Abundance (Value $55)​

        8 minute MP3 - Music and Soundless with usage instruction


        Healing your "wounded" Inner child and adolescent. Healing those aspects of your inner child & adolescent, that need to know and have the experience that you are safe, cared for, respected, appreciated, supported, loved, and forgiven. Further, aligning you to the Higher Perspective. Also, assist you in healing negative imprints and memories including past hurts that are no longer serving so you can free yourself from these bondages to tap into your abundant self.

        Golden light clearing all the programs from parents and past lives that was negative


        "I had a beautiful experience listening to the Inner child healing MP3, I was right back in the womb, very vivid and visual, and golden light was moving around clearing all the programs coming from my parents and anything from past lives that was a negative!"
        ~ Ann, energy worker and sound therapist

        Memories of abandonment and childhood emotional abuse surface to be released- just through acknowledgement breezing on through, totally amazing


        "Inner Child Healing for Abundance: This was such a blessing, for we know that all adult issues are triggers for past unhealed trauma. I have had lots of gunk as you refer to released and still being released, for the first time in my professional life I have had my own memories of abandonment and childhood emotional abuse surface to be released while doing a session for a client. I love the way that just through acknowledgement a release breezes on through, totally amazing."
        ~ M.T., energy healer

        ITEM 4: Healing and integrating your inner feminine and masculine energies MP3 (Value $35)

          8 minute MP3 - Music and Soundless with usage instruction

          A healthy balanced inner feminine and masculine energies are essentials to one’s transformational abundance, success and to showing up and living life to the fullest. Our feminine aspect of us receives insights, ideas, intuition, and guidance and the masculine gives structure and support to implement and bring them into fruition. Furthermore, this MP3 works to heal the wounded inner feminine and masculine, and strengthen the healthy yin-yang balance of the natural feminine and masculine qualities.

          Balancing my masculine and feminine energies


          "I can feel the effect of the masculine-feminine balance recording. I am much better at allowing/asking for help from others than I have been in the past. I was not that vulnerable in the past and was a very masculine oriented woman. It's helped me ask for healing and prayers for my ill animals."
          ~ Sue, California, USA, interspecies communicator

          Feeling changes taking place, more confident and assertive


          "Healing Your inner Masculine - Feminine: I would not have thought using this one, thinking that I am fairly balanced in this area but I do feel subtle changes taking place, feeling more confident and assertive. Definitely a plus for this program."
          ~ MM, energy healer

          ITEM 5: Sexual Healing & transmutation-Unleashing your abundance
          (Value $35)

            8 minute MP3 - Music and Soundless with usage instruction


            Did you know, that sexual energy is manifesting energy as well? Healing our sexual energy is a must for a healthy abundant life. Sexuality and intimacy at its highest expression and utilization, can lift your vibrations and consciousness, and can further connect you to your spiritual self. This MP3 will help:

            • Heal discordant energies around your sexuality: deep rooted limiting beliefs and thoughts patterns, hurt, guilt, shame, traumas, dysfunctions, energetic cords from partners, and other negative energies
            • Realign, heal and restore the 2nd chakra, for being able to enjoy life more
            • Be more charismatic, by possessing a healthy and safe sexy vibration
            • Sexual energy transmutation, for more creativity and expression

            FEEL that I deserve to be loved, after years of struggling from my past sexual trauma


            "I can give you a testimonial for just after ONE DAY of listening. Right after my freshman year of college, I had an accident and while I was being "helped" to the side of the road, a young man fondled me while I was in shock. I suppressed this for a long time but started binge eating and rapidly gained weight in college, often going from vending machine to vending machine to buy three packages of those frosted or chocolate covered mini donuts. I have had intimacy issues since. After one day of listening a number of times to your MP3, I suddenly FEEL that I deserve to be loved. Before, it was just an intellectual understanding that this wasn't my fault and I wasn't "dirty" for what happened. THANK YOU."
            ~ Anonymous beta-tester, USA

            Lots of healing magically taking place


            "Sexual Healing & Transmutation: Unleashing Your Abundance: Lots of healing magically taking place here, Jenny, thank you so much for having this as a segment of this abundance program"
            ~ MM, energy healer

            ITEM 6: Higher Self Emergence (Value $99)

                11 minute MP3 - Music and Soundless with usage instruction

                Strengthening and increasing your connection to your Higher Self, Guidance/God Team, and your Spiritual Money Advisors. Further merging those aspects of your Soul/Higher Self that have already lived through and have mastered life, to bring forth the perfect healing activations/downloads, pearls of wisdom, knowledge, skills, talents, clarity, and guidance to assist you in living your life right now with more ease and Grace. Allowing you to remember who you really are; your luminous nature and the Divine spark in each of us. Video has high vibrational healing holograms and healing music, Novaphonic Q' Sound frequencies to further entrain and upgrade your energies to the highest vibrations possible.

                I was taken straight to the divine, standing in a cosmic moment of all possibility


                "Wow, you did some powerful upgrades! The music and visuals are beautiful. When I listened to the audio-only of higher self, wow Jenny! I was taken straight to the divine, standing in a cosmic moment of all possibility and bathed in love and consciousness, held in the heart flame of my true self, soothed, calmed, reassured and aligned, an exquisite homecoming! Very palpable and tangible energy, I felt the energies penetrate right into my bone marrow, restructuring me to hold this more as my normal (which is very much what I'm working on at the moment!). This was particularly strong in my arms, where I'm holding some issues around receiving love and money!


                I can really feel this shifting, not just very physically in my arms but something is shifting and softening in my mind, my attitudes! I also heard your voice really clearly say, "now we're going to work on you really learning to love yourself!" So bless you Jenny, and thank you for these gifts!"

                ~ Ann Wood, Ireland, energy healer

                I saw a luminous white figure that was my Higher Self

                "I saw a luminous white figure that was my higher self and started to feel the back of my head vibrate and concentrated energy at the nape of my neck, entering at that point and my whole spinal cord started vibrating as well right down to the base of my spine. That has been the one consistent energetic effect I have had each time I play this video. With the black and red Mandela I saw an Indian chief and black tears on his cheeks. I saw silvery white specks of light. Noticeably effects were my greater sense of self, more grounded and more self worth and self esteem. I feel a core strength return to me that is restorative. A feeling of anger I had over something seemed to intensify and then float off like a wave form and I became aware of myself vibration-ally as separate from my emotion... A greater awareness of who I am and greater appreciation of myself was apparent to me."
                ~ R. Mahabir., Tobago

                Brought into the original wave of creation sound! All systems cleansed, cleared and aligned, all meridians, nadis, chakras, glands, organs, and bodies

                "Oh Jenny, that was exquisite! Big throat clearing with upper thoracic release. All the no's, thousands of them, mostly my mother's fears of my consciousness, moving away. Pancreas release allowing joy. The most profound peace, forgiveness, and self acceptance, bathed in love, sweet unconditional love! Big release of entities from high up in my Chanel, the ones that had blocked my raising awareness and a deep sense of  being held and Safe. I felt I was brought into the original wave of creation sound! And surrender. So much else, all systems cleansed, cleared and aligned, all meridians, nadis, chakras, glands, organs and bodies. Well done!"
                ~ Ann, energy worker

                ITEM 7: Money Magnet MP3 (Value $99)

                      8 minute MP3 - Music and Soundless with usage instruction

                      Come into alignment of your abundance blueprint of your highest potential, Money Magnet by the following 5 parts:

                      • Releasing the “gunk”, negative beliefs, limitations, traumas, karmic entanglements, ancestral healing, etc
                      • Re-calibrating, re-programming, re-aligning to your abundance blueprint
                      • Opening up your receiving channels
                      • Strengthening and magnetizing your abundance connection to Source
                      • Embodying the energies of a natural Money Manifestor

                      Aligns me with my inner abundance and burst out with creativity


                      "I've been loving the Money Magnet. It aligns me with my inner abundance and honest gifts, pointing inwards to where the treasures are. I feel I want to burst out with creativity, and it's where money manifests from. So far I feel reaffirmed in my path of painting, feel like it’s something being born."
                      ~ Marta, Ireland

                      Wow! Won $500 prize. I feel I am a “Money Magnet”


                      "Just got words that I won a $500 prize. Wow! This prize is just amazing, as it will further help me in my business. Just blown away. I feel like I am a “Money Magnet”"
                      ~ P.I., energy healer

                      Received a letter from the Government saying that they owe me just ~ $200. Wow!


                      "Inner Child Healing for Abundance: This was such a blessing, for we know that all adult issues are triggers for past unhealed trauma. I have had lots of gunk as you refer to released and still being released, for the first time in my professional life I have had my own memories of abandonment and childhood emotional abuse surface to be released while doing a session for a client. I love the way that just through acknowledgement a release breezes on through, totally amazing."

                      ~ M.T., energy healer

                      Item 8: The Abundance Healing Journey - 4 Part Audio Series (Value $2000)

                              • There are so much loving support and guidance as Jenny takes you through your abundance healing journey with many rounds of clearing and healing transmissions to further anchor in the healing and chopping away your "gunk" limitations so you can be all you can be, your magnificent "Money Magnet" self.

                              • The healing energies in this 4-Part Abundance series are powerful, and have been amplified by the energies of the collective group in these audios. You will receive the perfect clearing and healing for your Highest Good.

                              • Energies will be embedded into the powerful MP3 called "Transformational Abundance" and amplified by the group collective energies from the pre-recorded group healing calls.

                              #1 Abundance Call: Entanglement Energies

                                      • Work through your healing list so that you can be at the vibration of what you desire

                                      • Work through and heal your fears that keep you in your bondage or prevent you from moving forward

                                      • Clearing and Healing of negative entity attachments, implants, black magic/voodoo, energetic cords, heart-walls, frozen emotions, and other lower vibrational energies that are not for your highest good and those that living in your immediate household

                                      • Heal victimhood and dis-empowerment



                                      • Work through acceptance and forgiveness healing of self and others

                                      • Safety, working through the energies of why you don’t feel safe

                                      • Karmic and ancestral healing for

                                        your abundance

                                      #2 Abundance Call: Alignment and empowerment

                                              • Lack and scarcity abundance consciousness

                                              • Self-worth, Self-love, Connection to your Guidance

                                              • Healing of fears and/or traumas around lack of money, homelessness, debts, bankruptcy, etc

                                              • Procrastination energies so you can focus on what's really important

                                              • Find out what makes you happy and the real reason or "driving force" why desire money and/or do what you are doing in your business/career

                                              • Living life vs Existing

                                              • Inner child and sexual healing

                                              • Jealousy/Envy and unhealthy competition

                                              • Bring in your Spiritual "Money Advisors" to help you in your life

                                              • Work through your healing list and/or money stories list

                                              #3 Abundance Call: Higher Self Emergence

                                                      • Opening up the receive channels to allow in abundance & help and support

                                                      • Strengthening and enhancing your Spiritual support, God team and Money Advisors as needed to help you in your personal and business abundance

                                                      • Connecting you to aspects of your Higher Self to bring forth the wisdom/knowledge/experiences to help you in your life

                                                      • Integrating feminine and masculine


                                                      • Express creativity and


                                                      • True confidence and charisma; Fear of stepping out or being seen

                                                      • Work through your healing list and/or aspects of yourself/life that you are still not okay or at peace with

                                                      #4 Abundance Call: Transformational Abundance

                                                              • Your ability to manifest and be your magnificent, Money Magnet self

                                                              • Healing your blockages and fears of success, fears of failure, fears of change, and fears of insecurity

                                                              • Value your talents and skills, to be compensated accordingly

                                                              • Breakdown your inner and outer “glass” ceiling and reset your financial set point

                                                              • Express creativity and


                                                              • Work through your healing list and/or raising the ceiling to how much abundance/money you can earn reflecting your true worth

                                                              Crystal clear of next steps and got the “WHY” for coaching business

                                                              "The Abundance group healing call was awesome. My head is still tingling and I’m wide awake from the healing transmissions. I have been at my business ideas for a while, but now I feel very clear about how to go forward. Before, it felt like my many ideas were not quite congruent and wouldn’t be financially viable. I wasn't sure if it was ok to launch a coaching practice around creativity to support my own work on my elephant book. But now I feel I am ready to share that reason with others. Why not help other people build their lives around their creativity as I lead by example? This group call helped me accept the real reason, the “why,” as in my driving force. Becoming crystal clear inside about this makes it possible to move forward with surety. That for me is huge and profound."

                                                              ~ Eva L.

                                                              Most amazing

                                                              "I've been to many group calls but these one were the most amazing. The power and accuracy disentangle me in all levels. I felt that was really the real help to help me ascend. Thank you Jenny."
                                                              ~ Shanti

                                                              Got a beautiful transmission! Downloading me with grace and worthiness and blessing

                                                              "Abundance group call: The healing energy and light language was exquisite! The second round of light language, I experienced the Light being channeling as female, she stood in front of me, held my hands and gave me a beautiful transmission, bypassing all my excuses and downloading me with grace and worthiness and blessing. Thank you so much for the gift of this Jenny!"

                                                              ~ Ann, Energy worker

                                                              BONUS #1: 90 Days Abundance Bubble (Value $800)

                                                                      Energetic Abundance Bubble with PDF instruction

                                                                      Jenny’s healing “Abundance Bubble”, is an energetic supportive bubble focusing on Abundance.  It is safe for everyone/everything and it is for the Highest Good of all involved. It’s like holding you and those on your list in a safe, protective, and supportive environment similar to the analogy of “your garden”, providing energetic support/nutrients for you to nurture and grow your garden.

                                                                      You and those in your “Abundance Bubble List” will also benefit from my signature healing of clearing/healing of negative entities attachments, heart-walls, trapped emotions, and frozen emotions. NO detoxing or processing symptoms from being a part of or included in this Abundance Bubble. Safe for everyone/everything, as this bubble of supportive energies are for the Highest Good of all involved.  Great to include your immediate family members - see pdf for more details.

                                                                      BONUS #2: Success Blueprint PDF (Value $80)

                                                                              PDF Guide

                                                                              This is your GPS, navigation map to abundance living. You can check your own levels to the list of Success Blueprint, where tipping point for progressive flow of abundance are possible your life.

                                                                              Bonus #3: Be in the vibrations of what you will come faster (MP4)

                                                                              Value: $88

                                                                                      The secret is Vibrational Alignment. The healing energies including sound healing are infused to work through your healing list. The Law of Attraction is turbo-charged and made simple in this video healing. So you can further be in the vibration of what you desire with much more ease and grace...then what you want will come to you faster.

                                                                                      BONUS #4: Let go of your you can heal (MP4) Value: $88​

                                                                                              Working through the energies preventing you from letting go of your stories that are holding you in the place of struggles and suffering, to further propel you toward healing and success. The healing energies including Light Language are infused to work through your healing list. So you can let go of your stories and heal!

                                                                                              BONUS #5: Recorded Q & A Abundance Group Call
                                                                                              Value: $500

                                                                                                      This is a powerful, jammed pack with over 3 hours Q & A group healing call.  Jenny answered lots of questions and mini-healing request in various topics of healing in the areas of abundance, love, health including pain and strong emotions relief, negative attachments healing, and so much more.  Jenny takes you through many rounds of Light Language transmissions and share information on the Abundance Living GPS Key Essentials to further help you clear out your limiting “gunk” energies, so you can discover your greatness. The healing energies are preserved for you on replay, same energies as live call.

                                                                                                      30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


                                                                                                      My home foreclosure has been cancelled

                                                                                                      "Hello Jenny! No words to qualify the help you gave me. I tried pinching my skin to feel if it's me and if the result I got was real. Thank you so much! the home foreclosure has been cancelled after a couples of days of our 1-1 session. Thank your Team very fervently for me also. They were very lovely and very much caring than usual. I had joyful tears when they were advising me."

                                                                                                      ~Mr T., Washington D.C., USA

                                                                                                      I passed my exam today thanks to Jenny healing work.

                                                                                                      "I purchased your fhtj package with 14 day healing and a 30 min session and MP3s in July. I actually was taking a professional board exam in order to work, as an independent primary health care provider, in early August and my intent was to pass that exam as it was my 4th attempt. I also purchased a 14 day healing session for September. I found out I passed my exam today!!! Thank you so much to you and your God team for performing healing on me. I am so grateful for having found you and your healing work. Many blessings to you!"

                                                                                                      ~S.A., USA

                                                                                                      Got $5000 using the Free MP3

                                                                                                      "I've been listening to Jenny's Money-Miracle-Manifestor MP3 and have to say it is doing wonderfully. I got $5000 more than expected and on Sunday I received scratch and win lottery tickets. I won $15 on those and a free ticket. So I will keep listening and see what else manifests. Thanks Jenny!"
                                                                                                      ~ Mary A.

                                                                                                      Everyone in our house got jobs. Transformations were almost instantaneous

                                                                                                      "Meeting you changed my life tremendously and helped me to really trust my own intuition. I feel that I owe it to humanity to let each & everyone know how quickly I find solace when all seems to go wrong! I knew inwardly that I must buy her package. Though money was really scarce. Everyone in my family, myself included were unemployed & unable to pay our bills.

                                                                                                      The MP3s become my Bible, our entire life changed so quickly! These transformations were almost instantaneous. Even my sister who is a non believer remains puzzled by these sudden transformations. We all have been called for employment in a few days, soon after my 1-1 w/ Jenny. The whole family benefits from clearings & listening to MP3s every day. How can I thank you enough Jenny! I now see why Spirit directed me toward working w/ your program for healing. I now feel protected and guided."

                                                                                                      ~ Norma, New York, USA

                                                                                                      Husband won $2,500 and I won $200

                                                                                                      "I just thought of what and who I wanted in the bubble. Last night my husband won $2,500 playing slots at a local casino!!! A few weeks later, I won $200 at casino!!! Every little bit helps. Feeling more abundant every day. Thank You Jenny!"
                                                                                                      ~ Vickie, USA

                                                                                                      Got a very high paying job and many shifts

                                                                                                      Jenny many thanks to you for your healing energies and showing me the way to Abundance and True Happiness.Since Joining your group less than a month ago, I got a high paying job and I my life is shifting in a very harmonious way...I am looking forward to the calls .I AM A MONEY MAGNET....Much Love.

                                                                                                      ~ Elise, USA

                                                                                                      Got the highest paying job I have had

                                                                                                      "Hi Jenny, Wow, I listened to your video post two days ago, and today, out of the blue a friend I had not seen in a year called me to offer me a very high paying job! Definitely the highest paying job I have had. I will start Tuesday! Thank you, because along with all the other work I have been doing to clear, I know that your videos and your money miracle manifestor have been a HUGE factor! Thank You!"

                                                                                                      ~ Karen K.


                                                                                                      Won $500 prize. Coaching business now is busy with so many more ideal clients

                                                                                                      "WOOHOO! For the last month, I had one on one sessions with Jenny. We were mainly working on my money issues. First a lot of gunk came out. Last week magic started happening. I am so busy now with so many more clients. Not just any client, but my ideal clients that I just love to work with, this is huge! Also several old clients came back, and today one of them made a commitment to work with me on one of his issues for the next 3 month. He even paid for the next 5 sessions. Other old clients are bringing her husband with them to work on their money issues together. I also won a $500 prize unexpectedly. I am soo happy! Thank you Jenny, thank you God Team!"

                                                                                                      ~ Poly, Business Coach


                                                                                                      Son got a job promotion and niece got 2 job offerings after searching for four months


                                                                                                      "After purchasing Jenny's healing package and using the MP3s for my family. My son got a job promotion and my niece got two job offerings after searching for four months (one of which she really wanted) and both jobs were paying more than she asked. She was having a hard time deciding but she took the one she really wanted. Also, my children were upset at each other for almost a year and my son who was the angry one, decided to call his sister and now they are doing great and he's much calmer. Woo-hoo! I love Jenny's healing MP3s and would recommend the package to everyone."

                                                                                                      ~ Judy, Washington, USA


                                                                                                      Growing abundance, getting a 6000 dollar training for free


                                                                                                      Wow, this MP3 is priceless! I use it for 5 month now, and it is really magical! I use it everyday. I use it, because it works. 🙂 Improved relationships, growing abundance, getting a 6000 dollar training for free, helping my family, loved ones to get better, the list is endless... I love Jenny's work! It works, she gives us the tools to manage our life, and the best is that it works for everybody's highest good, so I can be sure, that I am on the right path. Thank you Jenny sooo much!"
                                                                                                      ~ Poly, Hungary

                                                                                                      I won a necklace! Increased magnetism!


                                                                                                      "Wanted to let you know about my great luck! I won a raffle out of about 300 entries. I won a beautiful necklace. It is great to have increased my magnetism and I love beautiful jewelry! I have been focusing on gratitude and finding joy in the small things of life. I see blessings around me everywhere! I am more than a money magnet! Great things are coming our"

                                                                                                      ~ Elena, USA

                                                                                                      Money owed more than 1 year was paid back

                                                                                                      "I had two sessions with Jenny Ngo, and released a lot of grief during the sessions with the gentle help of Jenny. One month after the 1st session, at my great surprise, money owed by a person for more than 1 year was paid back. I listen to the personalized energetic prescription MP3 from the sessions on a daily basis. Thank you Jenny for your gifts and kindness."

                                                                                                      ~ K.N., Canada

                                                                                                      We received her acceptance letter yesterday!!!


                                                                                                      "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We just found out that our daughter was accepted into our first choice school! You see, over 1,200 students apply every single year and only 80 are selected. Out of those 80, only 5 girls are selected out of the area that we live in. This was at the top of our priority list when we started using your MP3s late last year. I constantly ran them silently through the house and when we had our private session with you in January you worked your magic always respecting my daughter's highest and best good. Your amazing gift coupled with a true and genuine desire to help those who need your guidance makes you incredibly special. We will forever be grateful to you, Jenny. Thank you again!"

                                                                                                      ~ K.W., Hawaii, USA

                                                                                                      Financial worries no longer worries me

                                                                                                      "I want to thank you so much for the MP3s and group healing call. I listened to the MP3s faithfully many times a day from the day I got them. I used them to clear not only myself, but my home, food, and water as well. I immediately started feeling at peace. Your call, I felt so much energy moving. I had been having a lot of muscle and nerve pain, along with digestive pain before starting to listen to your MP3s. It was completely healed by the end of your call. At one point I could literally feel something being ripped out of my left side, and it being filled in by loving source energy. I also had huge financial worries before the call, it no longer worries me. I know it will resolve itself when the time is right. My life is filled with so much peace and contentment now. Thank you again for all of your help"

                                                                                                      ~ Kathryn, New York, USA 

                                                                                                      Powerful call and I literally felt like I was floating

                                                                                                      "Thank you Jenny! The abundance group call was so thought-provoking and thorough and powerful! I wrote out all the answers to 1-7 and realized how true everything you said is… I'm choosing to surrender to everything that I've been holding on to... all the non-forgiveness... all the circumstances and stories that I've been repeating in my head. I choose to take responsibility and look upon these situations with love.


                                                                                                      The energy at the end when you did the light language was intense and I literally felt like I was floating… I've been listening to the money magnet MP3 and feel that there has been some subtle shifts in my outer world… Thank you again for this wonderful beta-testing opportunity!"

                                                                                                      ~ T.K., USA

                                                                                                      Better money flow in my life


                                                                                                      "I must say the Money Magnet MP3 has been really good for me. It makes me feel better with the flow in and out of money in my life. I no longer feel strained by the outflow and when it flows in, it so good. For me, this is relief because it does add to the "stress" in the background of my day. I usually am playing it at home and have the intention of receiving it at work. This keeps me positive at work with no strain working with my budget at work. This is a fantastic MP3. I think all who use it will feel good. The best part about the program is the writing out of all the issues. I found when I did that - I started having a better outlook on money and rich people and that money is meant to flow in and out. That is the richness of life happening. Thank you for allowing me to be the abundance beta-tester."
                                                                                                      ~ S.S, USA

                                                                                                      Feel very blessed and very abundant

                                                                                                      "I enjoy the music MP3s every day. I have been quite faithful and optimistic without having any expectations. I simply asked spirit to allow the abundance to present to me in the form that serves my highest good. I receive something even better than money, just priceless. I got a message from my son who passed in 2007, that my heart and soul have been yearning for, for years. With a full heart and knowing he is with me and has been ever day. I feel very blessed and very abundant. Thank you God team, And Jenny."
                                                                                                      ~ G.S., USA

                                                                                                      Priceless. Received insight and greater trust in the divine

                                                                                                      "I've also received insight and greater trust in the divine which has helped me greatly during my mom's transition. Several times I found myself just knowing how to handle difficult family dynamics and how to be there with my mom while also taking better care of myself. Even if this was the only benefit from your MP3, that would make it priceless. Thank you so much Jenny for a video I will use again and again."

                                                                                                      ~ W.D., USA

                                                                                                      Wrist pain 20 years stopped hurting

                                                                                                      "Jenny- Thank you for our one in one and also the past month of support. We both had a laugh in that many of the pains began with were no longer present. Specifically I had a long term wrist pain (20 years) that stopped hurting. My back tense neck and shoulders / no pain. You did some finish up work on bruised feet with shooting pain and stiff knees. They felt so much better last night and today. I started meditations to connect to my God team/ I thank you for being there to have the insights on how to improve my ability to heal myself! Peace and love to you!"
                                                                                                      ~ J.S., California, USA

                                                                                                      Working with Jenny is very effective

                                                                                                      "Working with Jenny is very effective. You are not alone. Along the way, you have a very thoughtful and HUMAN guide – Jenny. And she is willing to go through all kinds of humbling lengths to go through this WITH you. Even while you may be going through a very rough patch, somehow she has made you understand that it’s ‘all good’ and ‘it’s all right’. And that it means that you are on the right track. If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is."
                                                                                                      ​~ Eva L.

                                                                                                      About Jenny Ngo:

                                                                                                      Jenny Ngo, MSN is an expert healer and business success coach for entrepreneurs. She is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs take their transformational business to 6 figures & beyond doing what they love AND have the support to navigate the ups and downs of business and life.

                                                                                                      She has been featured on well-known global telesummits, such as You Wealth Revolution & From Heartache To Joy. She has helped over 1,000 people discover their true purpose and gifts, and many of them started their dream business.

                                                                                                      Started out in modern medicine, Jenny worked as a Registered Nurse and Certified Nurse Midwife for over 12 years. She has transformed her life from a demanding profession, unfulfillment, and struggles to an awakened spiritual journey of healing and transformation. 

                                                                                                      Through her journey, she has been a powerful catalyst for fast and massive transformation and healing. Jenny discovered her own unique healing abilities and found her true calling. Now, as a spiritual “midwife”, she helps people “birth” their purpose and live their dreams.

                                                                                                      Her mission is to help heart-centered people around the world to fully align to their purpose and gifts, connect to their inner guidance, and breakthrough their limiting beliefs and blocks so that they can share their unique gifts to make the biggest impact and income.

                                                                                                      In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her soulmate, husband along with her 2 kiddos, traveling to the beach and other fun places.

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