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Let’s work together to take your transformation business & life to the next level of success with more income, more freedom and greater impact. Book the 1-1 Session below that you need the most help with: Money Mindset & Success | Confidence, Clarity & Focus | Marketing & Messaging | Sales & Enrollment | Niche Clarity & Messaging Gifts, Intuition, & Decision...

Money Mindset & Success Breakthrough (30 Minutes Session)

Do you want to have more money to flow into your biz with more ease? Want to take your biz to the next level of income, impact and freedom? You know deep within, you’re capable of making so much more. Perhaps right now, you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed not making the income you want. You’re not happy with the results. If so, there’s a kink in your money department. Under every money block is a money wound that creates our money stories and our results. Let’s help you plug into the flow of abundance by healing your biggest money blocks, money stories and limiting beliefs that are in the way of your success. Open your Money Channel to receive more abundance. Raise your Money Thermostat or income ceiling in your biz so you can take it to the next level of income and success.

Confidence, Clarity & Focus Breakthrough (30 Minutes Session)

Need confidence, clarity and focus? Self doubts creeping in. Not feeling as confident. Perhaps feeling overwhelmed, blocked, unproductive, or unable to focus and take actions. You might be holding yourself back or stalling your progress, self-sabotaging your success or procrastinating as the result of NOT having the confidence, clarity and focus you need to move forward. Let’s help you move through your moments of doubts and get your mojo back. Together, let’s quickly clear the blocks in the way so that you can get back on track, feeling confident and clear, focused and productive, and most importantly be able to take aligned actions and implement the strategies to grow your biz and share your gifts.

Marketing & Visibility Breakthrough (30 Minutes Session)

Is marketing and visibility a challenge in your business? You are good at what you do and want to be seen as the expert in your niche. You know that marketing is the bloodline to your biz.  But just the thought of marketing, promoting yourself or “get out there” more so that more of your ideal clients can see you--like you--trust you--work with you... just make you tensed up or feel overwhelmed. You might feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or dragging your feet from implementing those strategies you’ve been working on for a while. Not knowing what to do or where to focus your time, energy/money and marketing efforts. Perhaps you’ve been burnt before. You ended up procrastinating. Like when making videos for your programs, going live on Facebook/IG/YT, hosting workshops, doing live events, and speaking on stage or being interviewed. You know you are holding yourself and your business from having more income and making a greater impact with your work. Let’s work together to help you get seen and get paid.

Sales & Enrollment Breakthrough (30 Minutes Session)

Do you want to take your sales and enrollment to the next level in your biz with confidence? You know you can have more sales and serve more clients. However, you don’t want to come across as being salesy or using “icky” sales techniques. You have great products/services, but you’re not able to enroll clients at the level that you want. It’s hard for you to own your price or ask for the money. You might be encountering potential clients giving you many objections or excuses. Or even when they said they want to work with you, and then “ghost” on you. The bottom line is that we have hidden blocks, fears, self doubts and limiting beliefs when it comes to selling. Let’s help you clear these blocks and overcome your sales objections so that you can have more sales confidence to enroll more clients into your programs and make more money.  

Niche Clarity & Messaging Breakthrough (30 Minutes Session)

Want to have more niche clarity? Do you want your messaging to be authentic so that you can attract the ideal clients that you are meant to serve? You need help fine-tuning your niche or you’re not 100% confident. Something just feel not quite right or settled yet. You’re going back and forth, “fighting” with yourself, and feeling frustrated. You are not clear, have doubts or resistance toward niching down. Perhaps having thoughts of leaving clients behind or imposter syndrome. Your messaging gets muddy or diluted. When you get this vital foundation, your messaging and marketing will be clear and it’s easier to call forth your ideal clients to your programs or offerings. Let’s help you clear those nagging blocks, doubts and resistance around niching and messaging.

Gifts, Intuition, & Decision Breakthrough (30 Minutes Session)

Do you want to hone in your unique gifts? Want to strengthen your intuition and make quicker and better decisions? You yearn to develop your gifts, tap into your intuitive abilities, and strengthen your intuition so that you can confidently show up and share your talents to help others. Maybe you are not clear on your unique gifts or don’t feel confident sharing them. Part of you are doubting your abilities, holding back or playing small. But there’s a bigger part of you that’s wanting to live out your Soul’s purpose fully and share your gifts and passion with the world pronto. Perhaps you feel that it’s hard to know what’s the next right step for you. And when it comes to decision making for your life or business, you often time second guessed yourself or takes too long. Being able to make quick and better decisions is a vital skill set for your success in business and life. Let’s work together to clear out your blocks, fears, doubts, resistances, and limiting beliefs around your gifts, intuition, and decision making so you can further align to your true purpose, create more abundance and have greater impact doing what you love.

Private 1-1 Session (30 Minutes Session)

Book this session if you want to work on other areas not mentioned above. We can personalized your session to fit your own needs. Clearing out blocks, limiting beliefs or self-doubts around your challenge to support you to quickly come more into alignment of what you desire. Balancing/raising your energies and giving you valuable feedbacks so that you can quantum leap your progress. With my intuitive gifts, I’ll also be sharing insights and guidance that come through during our session to further support you. As always, you will leave feeling so good, recharged, clear, confident and on purpose as you get out of our own way of your next level of success.

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