Uncover Your Greatness:
​Love, Intimacy & Relationships

Do you yearn to have loving, supportive and harmonious relationships?


Are you looking to unlock your blissful connection and orgasmic intimacy?

Are you still looking for the special someone to share your life with?

Deep inside, you know you deserve so much more...especially in the areas of
Love, Intimacy & Relationships but you just don’t know how to create this in your life.

Where are you now?

Do you find yourself being triggered by those around you?

Are you feeling lonely or in conflict in your current relationship?

Do you still feel hurt from past relationships or keep attracting the same type of partners​?

    Which area(s) of love are you still desiring or needing improvements on?

    • Self love, desire to love myself more

    • More love and passion in my marriage or long-term relationship/partner​

    • Healing my current and any past relationship(s) so I can “move on” to usher in the new Soul-fulfilling partnership

    • Attracting a Soulmate or intimate partner (including going on more dates)

    Which area(s) of relationship are you still desiring or needing improvements on?

    My relationship to:

    • Myself (accept, love, and care for myself)

    • My ability to attract a loving and caring partner

    • My husband/wife/or current partner

    • My family members like children, sibling(s), parent(s), grandparents, aunts/uncles, and/or in-laws

    • My friends, bosses, co-workers, and/or neighbors​

    • My relationship and connection to God/Source/Universe/Higher Power​

    Which area(s) of intimacy or sex are you still desiring or needing improvements on?

    My relationship to:

    • I want to take my sexual abilities or sex life to the next level of fulfilment: hot sizzling, orgasmic sex or passionate intimacy.

    • My ability to have intimacy and enjoy sexual pleasures. I want to, but are having some issues with low sex drive, painful intercourse, unable to feel pleasures or have orgasm.

    • I still have some embarrassment, guilt, shame, traumas, etc about my sexuality that I would like healing on.

    Incredible “LOVE Magnet” miracles by real people like you:

    WOW! In just 2 months I got married!

    "I had 1 session with Jenny. We worked on cutting all cords of attachment from past relationships, sexual, and emotional especially to my ex-girlfriend. About 2 months later I got married. Wow! This was quick."

    ~ Asad, Pakistan

    Within 2 weeks got engaged & married to a doctor!

    "Jenny did some clearing of my heart walls and removing negative energies. As she was doing the clearing, I had major goose bumps, felt the energies releasing from me, and was in tears of gratitude came unexpectedly. After 2 weeks of meeting Jenny, I got engaged and the most interesting thing was, I was only dating for 4 months. I was not expecting for him to ask me at that point in our relationship. He is the best man for me and a Soul mate, and I never ever expected to have someone to really understood me in my life, considering this is my second marriage in my 50’s.


    We got married ~4 months after. Before this, I was in acceptance of being alone for the rest of my life and only maybe dating. My husband turns out to be a doctor who is really passionate and caring in his field. I also had more clarity on the directions in my business. We are both passionate and positive people. I’m looking forward to even have more healing with Jenny in other areas and excited for my new husband to meet her as well. Jenny is very passionate and gifted in her healing work."

    ~ Kim, California

    I got married! Never had a relationship in the past.

    "Hi Jenny! Since we started the work together almost a year ago, now I got married! Having never had a relationship in the past. Life has definitely been shifting in a different direction. And whenever I do anything now, your mp3s are usually playing in the background."

    ~ Nari, United Kingdom

    I met someone 3 weeks later & my relationship with my mother is much better.

    "I had a session Jenny. Jenny cleared on my heart walls and I had millions of them. We also worked on my relationship with my mother. My mother told me the next day she never slept so well in her entire life and she has been sleeping extremely well since and my relationship with her is much much better. Also after the clearings of my heart walls I met someone 3 weeks later. We are...very happy with the way things are moving. I am happier and more at peace. I will work with Jenny any chance I can. She is loving, giving and truly amazing."

    ~ N.S., Mauritius

    Expert Reviews


    "Highly recommend you work with Jenny very closely. You won't regret it."

    "Jenny is definitely a person you want to work with... Jenny is a beacon of divine light with high love, high truth, and high integrity. Jenny really shines because she is so kind, so loving, so compassionate, you just feel completely enveloped in love when you work with her. I know I do, so I highly recommend that you take this opportunity to work with Jenny very closely. You won't regret it.

    ~ Dr. Karen Kan, Holistic Physician & Spiritual Medicine Expert
    #1 Bestselling author of Guide to Healing Chronic Pain - Holistic Approach

    “Jenny's energy work is very powerful”

    “I found Jenny Ngo’s energy work to be very powerful. I love her open, honest, authentic nature. She works as very clear channel to bring her GOD Team into work with your GOD Team, without any egoic intellect getting in the way. With this technique she was able to facilitate very profound clearings from my energetic fields to help me release the resistance... She also offers sound practice advice from her Heart... Thank you Jenny, Big Love.”

    ~ Matt Andrews, Channel and Facilitator for ManTarA

    “Shifts happening around as if a veil being removed to let the treasure out.”

    “Jenny.., the real deal!!! As she started working on the issue I could sense shifts happening around as if a veil being removed to let the treasure out. I'm impressed with her in depth knowledge and explanation about her process. That's really amazing!!!!”

    ~ Aparna Vemuri, Inner Alchemy Facilitator

    “Jenny has a remarkable gift of healing that allows her to clear and transform layers negative energy which blocks health and wholeness.”

    “Jenny has a remarkable gift of healing that allows her to clear and transform layers negative energy which blocks health and wholeness. Jenny is very dedicated to working with each person or groups of people in a way that brings about balance on all levels--body, mind, and spirit and in all areas of one's life. The integrity of what Jenny does is amazing.”


    ~ Nancy Gordon, Ph.D., Corporate Coach, National Wellness Consultant & Author

    My clients have manifested these incredible 
    Love, Intimacy, & Relationship Miracles!

    My relationship with my husband shifted dramatically

    "Jenny, I think we all want our husband's energy “fixed” !!! I do it as well and the whole energy of our relationship shifted so dramatically. I should have known you, much earlier!"
    ~ Silvia, Italy

    My sex drive improved

    “I'm in my late 20's. My sex drive improved since using Jenny's Love-Intimacy-Relationship package.” 
    ~Jen, USA 

    My sister and I are best friends now after 20 yrs of no talking!

    "My sister and I have not talk for over 20 yrs. Also growing up, I did not have a good relationship with my mom. Since Jenny helped me work through my forgiveness and responsibility levels, my sister called me immediately after the clearing. WOW, this is a miracle! We are like best friends now and even mother apologized to me for all these years. The harmony, peace, and love in my family has been restored. Never imagine this is possible...I’m in my 60s. Plus, now I don’t have 1 day that I go worrying about money or how I am going to pay my rent, even without a permanent job. I trust that I will be taken care of. Thank you so much Jenny!"
    ~ Nancy, USA

    WOW, this is amazing, a miracle! My relationship with my son improved! 

    "Before working with Jenny, my relationship with my son was very hard. He gets angry when I talk, so I hold back and don't talk very much when around him. He is a teenager, lives with me, so this is hard for both of us. Since, our relationship has improved so much when he saw the changes in me and my businesses growth in # of clients coming in daily and before I was struggling to get clients, that he even want to buy one of Jenny's package. WOW, this is amazing, a miracle!"
    ~ L.S., Mexico

    Been celibate for many years...libido and sexual sensations went away…
    sensations returned and the key areas came alive again

    "I experienced a recovery of a lost sensation in the genital area. I had been celibate for many years and over time the libido and sexual sensations went away. To my surprise, a man came into my life who stirred up some of these old feelings. I did some self-exploration to see the condition of the area. I actually could not locate the key sensual spots. After Jenny worked with me for two sessions, the sensations returned and the key areas came alive again. The libido also returned. I am grateful to Jenny for this work. She is very intuitive and supportive. Thank you, Jenny!"
    ~ Iva W., USA

    Now, more than I ever I feel closer to my boyfriend of 7 years. My boyfriend is more loving than ever and the intimacy between us is quite beautiful.

    "Wow!! First of all I’d like to acknowledge Jenny and her God team for sharing such amazing gifts!! You are a true healer and I’ll always use the tools and knowledge you’ve shared with me for the rest of my life. As for my experience with the Love, Intimacy, & Relationships program... Now, more than I ever I feel closer to my boyfriend of 7 years. Prior to the audios, I was very confused and saw myself heading in other directions. This really isn’t the case anymore. I have so much more clarity… I’m full of love for myself, my partner and I find that I have more patience and compassion for those around me. My boyfriend is more loving than ever and the intimacy between us is quite beautiful. In the past, I was really desensitized to it and not really one to initiate intimacy but now I take the initiative and love every minute!! I’m also more connected to my clients and I feel that they know I have their best interest at heart. So this will definitely benefit me in the long run. Overall, I’m consciously more clear, aware and happy. This is a true gift, to be able to open your heart and soul to truly trust and believe that true love lies within."
    ~ Nancy A., Las Vegas, NV

    Imagine what your life would look like when…

    • You have loving and supportive relationships?

    • You are able to attract your Soulmate?

    • You are able to take your intimacy to the next level?

    You wait is over, if you  have you been looking for effective energetic healing tools and support to help you transform your Love, Intimacy & Relationships.

    Now... are you excited?

    Me, too! I’m excited and looking forward to supporting you in your transformation!

    Package Discount: 90%
    Total Package Value Over $2,000

    $299  $99 

    7 MP3s

    (3) Recorded 90 minutes Love-Intimacy-Relationship Group Healing Calls​

    90 Days Love Bubble for you & your immediate family members​

    Success Blueprint​ PDF​

    Private Facebook Community​

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

    This Package Includes:

    • 7 MP3s 

    • (3) Recorded 90+ minutes Love-Intimacy-Relationship Group Healing Calls

    • Bonus #1: 90 Days Love Bubble for you & your immediate family members

    • Bonus #2: Success Blueprint​ PDF 

    • Private Facebook Community

    ITEM 1: Love Fuel Tank (Value $55)

    10 minute MP3 - Music and Soundless with usage instruction

    Most of us have a low fuel tank of energy and love especially as the days go on. It’s like we are out of fuel or we could use a good re-charging and re-calibrating energetically and/or physically. This MP3 help you to plug-in and charge up with Pure Source Love energies and healing vibrations to be loved and supported. When your tank is full of love, especially in self love and self-worth, you can be-do-have more and anything is possible! So charge up often to experience more love and possibilities in your life.

    Happiest moments in my life. Never felt so unconditionally loves and accepted!

    "I used to feel a bit tense and not at ease when i am with my extended family but when i started listening to the Love Fuel Tank and even played on a loop during our family reunion, i felt so relaxed and was so at ease. We have never felt so close to each other and we literally laughed the entire night out! It was one of the happiest moments in my life and i have never felt so unconditionally loves and accepted as during that time. Truly awesome experience!"
    ~ Teresa Garcia, MAEd, Life Mastery Coach, Philippines

    WOW! Got loving calls from all three of my sons. Complete lesson 
    plans for whole week, slept like a baby

    "I listened to "Love Fuel Tank" throughout the remaining of day #1. I had an artistic / creative flow and idea to make a "Love Crystal Bracelet". I prepared for myself an awesome stir fried Asian dish. I hadn't cooked or prepared a homemade meal for myself in weeks! I was also able to complete my lesson plans for the whole week! And gave the dog that is still with me a much needed pampered spa treatment. I even received LOVING calls from all three of my sons! And I got the much needed rest I needed! I slept like a baby."
    ~ Konami San, teacher, USA

    I love me! I’m at peace in who I am

    "The love fuel tank has made me more loving towards myself. I’m learning to not judge myself harshly. I’m finding it easy to laugh at myself more than usual. I’m at peace in who I am and I love me! Thank you Jenny for this special MP3 I recommend to everyone because we all run short on love from time to time."
    ~ Nancy A., Las Vegas, NV

    ITEM 2: Relationships healing through infinity (Value $35)​

    10 minute MP3 - Music and Soundless with usage instruction

    To help you work through and heal all the relationships in your life: past, present, and future through infinity. Whether it be your relationship to yourself, to current or past partner (s), family members, and other relationships. This MP3 works on clearing and healing these relationships of negative and limiting energies, not limited to: traumas, memories, imprints, energetic cords, contracts, vows, entities, limiting beliefs and patterns, ancestral healing, and karmic entanglements. This MP3 also works on infusing love to those relationships that are important to you, further clearing the paths, bringing you closer or more in alignment to your current and/or future relationships that are loving and fulfilling.

    Arguments between addicts and their family members healed.
    Including one that was already in the process of divorce

    "My personal house is also a drug rehab center for women (non profit), so I face/have many difficulties females. All have problems with their families. I played relationship healing on silent, noticed argument ended between husband and wife ~5 minutes of playing the relationship healing on silent . Arguments between addicts and their family members healed. Including one that was already in the process of divorce. I have seen the change in a girl who was brought to us because she was going to commit suicide and get divorced from her husband. I could say that relationship MP3 and love fuel MP3 – has unbeknownst to her – healed her outlook in life. She changed in a week since I started playing this on silent. There is an overall sense of ‘wellbeing’ and loving kindness with this series. The house feels friendly and no fights, and lots of laughter. I get lots of those spiritual chills and also sensations of being ‘touched’, or ‘hugged’ by passing by Angels."
    ~ Joyce, Psychologist at Drug Recovery & Treatment Center, Indonesia

    My husband can’t keep his hands off me!

    "I am so impressed with Jenny’s new Love MP3s! Although I love them all, the Love Fuel Tank and Relationship Healing MP3s were the ones that most resonated with what I needed at the time. Past hurts and challenges with my husband have become less important in my life because of these 2 MP3s and my heart more open now that the healing has began. Funny thing is now, he can’t keep his hands off me! An unexpected, but welcome benefit was a significant decrease of my irritation level while I was at work when things didn’t go as planned. I found myself more accepting of it and the people involved. In fact I was not irritated or upset at all about it so I thought that was cool!” The music in each MP3 is relaxing, with a SPA like feel, so I took a bath infused with the Healing Relationships energies while listening to the MP3 at the same time and I felt so at peace. I fully recommend this program for anyone wanted to increase the love in their life, including the love for themselves. My love fuel tank was nearly on “ E” when I started this program and is on the path to full! Thank you for creating this wonderful program!"
    ~ Glenda

    Relationship with my partner is much more playful and loving. 
    Also a friendship has been restored!

    "I started noticing that my partner and I were interacting more "playful" and loving with one another.

    We had been in a funk for months. Before using your 1st MP3, I was feeling 8/10 from frustration and feeling unheard. I used the Relationship healing MP3 and these levels went down to a 4 right away. Since, it has just gotten even much better between us. Yesterday, he brought me a dozen roses for my birthday. He hasn't surprised me roses in over 5 years. Also, my relationship with a friend has been restored, the argument/issues that we had was totally dissolved. I have felt less anxious and way more grounded and confident."

    ~ Stacy S.,Texas

    ITEM 3: The Lover GPS (Value $55)

    10 minute MP3 - Music and Soundless with usage instruction

    Do you sometimes feel you are confused or lost? Not knowing what to do, who to be with, or where to find that loving relationship that you have dreamed of and know that it is possible for you? This MP3 helps give you this GPS navigation, guiding you to your loving relationship (s) whether it be romantic, friendship, or professional support. It further clears out your dense energies so that you can have more clarity and guidance, and put you in the path of alignment to discover your loving support system, your true lover, or Soulmate that just make your Heart sing.

    My libido has perked up. Guys checking me out. 
    I’m actually looking at men and finding them hot!

    "I felt gratitude for everything when I started listening to the GPS MP3. I have noticed guys checking me out after listening to the MP3s. I talked very openly and honestly about a crush I had to a few people without any embarrassment which I felt earlier. My libido has perked up. I am actually looking at men and finding some of them truly hot and it has been a long time ago since I thought someone was hot. Been widowed 3 years."
    ~ Sheri

    Seen results within 15 minutes! Men noticed me! I have not felt excited and happy...
    in such a long time!

    "I have seen results after playing this one for more than 15 minutes. Last weekend, I was walking to see a friend and out of the blue an older gentleman was crossing the road and greeted me. He fully started to engage in a conversation, gave me a compliment about my eyes and wanted to know if I was single, how long had I lived here, etc. He made me feel so wonderful. Jenny, I have not felt excited and happy to be noticed in such a long time! I am also treating myself with much more compassion, living more consciously, feeling much more present. This MP3 has to be one of my favorites to listen to really resonate with the music. Thank you!"
    ~ Nina L., Vancouver, Canada

    More guided towards positive people

    "I also use Lover GPS several times a day, it gives me a nice feeling in my heart. I also notice that I am more guided towards people, who are quite positive, and on some days I had a strong intuition not to spend time with one of my best friends."
    ~ Anna F.,Germany

    ITEM 4: Sexual Rejuvenation & Healing (Value $35)

    10 minute MP3 - Music and Soundless with usage instruction

    This MP3 is to help you with sexual rejuvenation and sexual healing. Amping up and connecting you to Pure Source healing energies to re-vitalize your sexual organs, work through sexual dysfunctions, low sex drive, and/or dysfunctional self image. Clearing and healing those discordant energies not limited to sexual traumas, energetic cords, and imprints. Further re-aligning you to optimal sexual health and healing. Healing our sexual energy is a vital for a healthy abundant life in all areas.

    Does what it does

    "Sexual Rejuvenation MP3. Does what it does. Does make you horny:-)"
    ~ Joy, Indonesia

    Healed my sacral chakra. Easier to express myself. More confident!

    "After listening to this MP3, I healed my sacral chakra so much that i became more creative in my singing. It was so much easier for me to express myself singing wise and I was also able to have more eye contact with my audience and felt more confident onstage, despite the fact that i have been a performer for 15 years now. I felt larger than life and now it feels good being on stage and "romancing my audience" in a really fun way."
    ~ Teresa, Philippines

    ITEM 5: Passionate Sex (Value $35)

    10 minute MP3 - Music and Soundless with usage instruction

    Have more passion, sizzling hot sex or intimacy that rocks your boat! Whether you are taking your current relationship to the next level of possibility including yourself or clearing the path for more yummy experiences with your to-be soulmate/lover. This MP3 works to clear out your dense and discordant energies to intimacy issues, amplify your innate sexual desires, and expression so that you can experience more enjoyable and passionate intimacy in your life. In addition, sexuality and intimacy at its highest expression and utilization, can lift your vibrations and consciousness, and can further connect you to your spiritual self.

    Sex drive is back! Effortless orgasm

    "Now this is amazing!! Lol I was excited to try the passionate sex mp3 out and let me tell you. Orgasm has never come easy for me nor has getting excited, in the mood.. Etc. This is definitely a game changer and my sex drive is back! Orgasm is much easier.. almost effortless and I’m not exaggerating. A million thanks Jenny!!!"
    ~ Nancy A., Las Vegas, NV

    Definite feeling being aroused...desiring to have intimacy! 

    "When listening to this MP3 I felt the vibrations in my lower chakra. There were definite feeling being aroused of desiring to have intimacy! Although, I don’t have a partner, the interest is still there. Yippy! I love the feeling that this invokes and want to fully engage in with a my soulmate partner. I am so ready for this!"
    ~ Nina L., Vancouver, Canada

    ITEM 6: Ecstasy Love (Value $35)​

    10 minute MP3 - Music and Soundless with usage instruction

    Desire to experience more love, bliss, and fulfillment in your life? Whether you are taking your current relationship to the next level of possibility including your relationship to yourself or clearing the path for more “ecstasy” experiences with your to-be Soulmate. This MP3 works to infuse and ignite your entire body down to the organs, glands, cellular, DNA, and beyond, vibrating with so much love and healing energies. So you can come to experience more “ecstasy love” - what is possible for you, in the areas of love, intimacy, and relationships.

    Feel totally trance-like.
    Like being transported to heaven being surrounded by millions of angels

    "Every time I listen to this MP3, I feel like I am being transported to heaven being surrounded by millions of angels. The experience is really blissful. I feel so safe, secure, supported and protected from all sides. It is totally trance-like, feeling in deep peace and serenity."
    ~ Maria, Philippines

    More connected to Source! More focused

    "I’m noticing that I’m more connected to source since listening to this MP3. As to where in the past I found it hard to stay connected. My connection to source flows easily throughout the day. I’m more focused.. A huge accomplishment for sure!!"
    ~ Nancy A., Las Vegas, NV

    ITEM 7: Love Magnet (Value $99)

    10 minute MP3 - Music and Soundless with usage instruction

    Come into alignment of your love blueprint, a Love Magnet by the following 5 parts:

    • Releasing the dense, discordant energies: limiting beliefs, limitations, traumas, karmic entanglements, ancestral healing, etc
    • Re-calibrating, re-programming, re-aligning to your love  blueprint
    • Opening up your receiving channels to love
    • Strengthening your love connection to Source
    • Embodying the energies of a natural Love Magnet so you can magnetizing more love and fulfilling relationships in your life including Soulmate 

    Tremendous improvement of caring & supportive relationship.
    Makes me feel good about myself

    "I've definitely noticed a tremendous improvement of caring and supportive relationship with 90% of my female students; which is an all girl high school. At any given time, the girls flock to my class, my desk, and even ask for guidance, or just want to talk. I came to my class after lunch, and unknown students wrote on my classroom board "I missed Ms. San so much, I'm back home." That surprised the heck out of me! Also written on another corner of the board was "We love you Ms. San." I play the "Love magnet MP3" while the girls are completing their assignments or taking their tests. One young lady comment, "Wow, that music is so soothing and relaxing. It makes me feel good about myself."
    ~ Konami San, USA

    Men noticing me. I’m loving and appreciating myself more

    "With this MP3 I have men in general noticing me. I am getting more smiles and engage in conversations. I feel open to love and wanting to invite the love and soulmate. I see a shift in perception with renewed hope that love is possible in a deep way. As I’m loving and appreciating myself more I see how others are treating me with love and understanding."
    ~ Nina L., Vancouver, Canada

    Noticed more turnout of people

    "I was also holding a few group workshops and I noticed more turnout of people who honored me and my work. I have also noticed that I have been meeting people who are so much of a contribution to my life. Really amazing!"
    ~ Maria, Philippines

    Item 8: (3) Recorded 90+ minutes Love-Intimacy-Relationship Group Healing Calls (Value $1500)

    • There are so much loving support and guidance as Jenny takes you through your journey to uncover your greatness in Love, Intimacy, & Relationship with many rounds of clearing and healing transmissions. To further anchor in the healing and chopping away your “gunk” limitations and aligning you to your greatness, so you can be all that you can.

    • The healing energies in these group healing calls are powerful, as they will be amplified by the energies of the collective group. You will receive the perfect clearing and healing for your Highest Good. 

    • You and/or your current partner can participate. If you do not have a romantic partner, then the healing energies will be here for your future partner for his/her Highest Good. Plus, the healing energies are the same as live.

    • "Energies are embedded into the powerful MP3 called “Transformational Love-Intimacy-Relationships” and amplified by the group collective energies from the recorded group healing calls."

    • Igniting or re-vitalizing your passion in love and intimacy.

    • Work through the “gunk” energies of codependency, heartbreaks, betrayals, neglect/abandonment, narcissistic/victim of abuse, control, neglect/abandonment, loveless relationships or withholding love, lack and scarcity, jealousy/envy and unhealthy competition, fears of commitment, and so much more.

    • Self-worth, Self-love, Connection to your Guidance/Source and your Love Advisors.

    • Working through intimacy issues, traumas, Inner child, sexual healing, and balancing feminine & masculine energies.

    • Healing of entanglement energies including cords/ties to past relationships, negative entity attachments, heart-walls, frozen emotions, and other lower vibrational energies that are not for your highest good.

    • Karmic and ancestral healing to love, intimacy, & relationships.

    • Working through your healing list: forgiveness, love, intimacy/sex, & relationship.​

    • Aligning you more to the Success Blueprint.

    Having visions again! Overwhelming sense of joy and love

    "I had an amazing experience during the Light Language. I experienced a vibration, pulsing/buzzing warm feeling along my outer calves on both of my legs, as well as my arms. I felt an overwhelming sense of joy and love in my heart space, and even cried after the call. Since, I feel a whole lot calmer, focused, and caring about myself! I've also begun to see positive images and visions again!"
    ~ Konami San, USA

    Pain gone!

    "I enjoyed the Love call, the energy was very strong. I had some back pain. At the end of the call - it was gone!!! Thank you!"
    ~ Anna F., Executive Coach, Energy Practitioner, Germany

    Return of serenity & peace. Found out I lost weight

    "I caught the replay of the love group call & had the return of serenity & peace. That call brought me so much, I felt supported & cared for in a way that I had not realized that I needed. The words spoken on loving ourselves brought waves of peace to me. I found myself smiling & laughing. While at the doctor, I found out I lost weight. This is the best feeling ever."
    ~ D.M., USA

    BONUS 1: 90 Days Love Bubble (Value $800)

    Energetic Love Bubble with PDF instruction

    Jenny’s healing “LOVE Bubble”, is an energetic supportive bubble focusing on LOVE. It is safe for everyone/everything and it is for the Highest Good of all involved. It’s like holding you and those on your list in a safe, protective, and supportive environment similar to the analogy of “your garden”, providing energetic support/nutrients for you to nurture and grow your "love” garden.

    You and those in your “Love Bubble list" will also benefit from my signature healing of clearing/healing of negative entities attachments, heart-walls, trapped emotions, and frozen emotions. NO detoxing or processing symptoms from being a part of or included in this Love Bubble. So you can include your immediate family members - see PDF for more details.

    A warm blanket & huge tonic for my soul

    "The love bubble feels like a warm blanket waking up knowing all is well. I have noticed a big difference in my emotions. I feel much calmer and not so emotional especially with the very recent passing of my father. Even when I felt teary it was short lived as I stayed with my grief to pass on through. This has been like a huge tonic for my soul. Also, noticing that I am staying more neutral."
    ~ Nina L., Vancouver, Canada

    Loving protection

    "I love the love bubble!!! It’s a force of loving protection and everything in it feels safe."
    ~ Nancy A., Las Vegas, NV

    BONUS 2: Success Blueprint
    Value: $88


    This is your GPS, navigation map to abundance living. You can check your own levels to the list of Success Blueprint, where tipping point for progressive flow of abundance are possible your life.


    Improvement in my relationship with my husband of 30 years prior to 1-1 session

    "After I purchased the Love-Intimacy-Package, I noticed improvement in my relationship with my husband of 30 years even prior to our 1-1 session. I can really feel the loving and Light energies from Jenny’s healing work and also through the infused images. Very grateful. Thank you for putting this out there.” 


    I was really sick & was able to move out of always being sick into being well & happy again. Started my dream job. So much love, happiness and laughter in my life and that is priceless

    "I cannot express in words the incredible impact Jenny's work has had on my life. At the time I first started using her MP3s I was really sick & was able to move out of always being sick into being well & happy again. Her MP3s are the best but what really is the most beneficial is adding the remote healing & live calls with her. I really feel those helped me have my incredible breakthroughs. I was able to re-find the love of my life, the man that I had been engaged to 9 years ago that went back to his country & we had lost contact with each other 5 years ago after we both suffered the loss of a parent. Working with Jenny last year brought me big changes: I left the job I hated it to start my dream job, I moved to a new state, got a new home, I started believing in myself again. Jenny's God team and Angels & my angels & the remote healing & her live calls & her MP3s truly made this possible. They got me to get out of my own way to experience the most magical time of my life. Fast forward to February 2017, I am engaged to be married to the love of my life, working on getting my paperwork together to get married to him in the next few months, we talk all the time as though he is around the corner. I thank God for Jenny and the work she does everyday!! There is so much love, happiness and laughter in my life and that is priceless."
    ~ L.B.

    I meet a wonderful new partner after 1 month!

    Thank you so much Jenny for putting together this Love-Intimacy-Relationships package. I just love your healing work and the package MP3s, I used it everyday with my routines. I’m excited to tell you, about ~1mo after I got your love package, I’ve attracted a new partner, someone that is wonderful and “normal” for a change from all the past relationships. Also money and career opportunities are opening for me, to the level I never would have imagined possible before.

    During our 1-1 session, WOW!!! It was so awesome. I felt so much burden being lifted off my body by the Divine. I often walk around feeling unworthy and "tightness/weight in chest”, when you started the Light Language I saw white light pouring out of my soul into my chest, heart opening up and seeing lots of forgiveness moving out in all directions. I felt tremendous love and light all over my body, tears of gratitude overcame me. It was awesome and I am just so grateful for you and for all the healing I’ve received thus far. You also confirmed of how miraculously my
    Success Blueprint moved up since this session. WOW, can’t wait to share with you what else is possible in my life! Thank you and thank God for the work you are doing. We all need it and so does the world at large.
    ~ Suzanne, USA 

    I met a man who I want to spend the rest of my life with

    "Thank you, Jenny, for the Love-Intimacy-Relationship package. I'd met a man who I want to spend the rest of my life with and thanks to you, I recognized that he's the one. All my life I've wanted to meet an ideal life partner, but it took quite a while. I'm in my early 60's, thankfully still youthful and so is he. I've never imagined that it'd turn out so nicely. I'm excited to see what else opens up in my life!!"

    ~Eve, Canada 

    Found the courage to remove myself from toxic relationships that I was afraid to end for several years. Few weeks my abundance improved far greater than before

    "My experience working with Jenny 1-on-1 has given me the ability to finally TRUST and know that I am supported by my god team. On a scale of 1-10, I would definitely give Jenny a 10! Within a few weeks my abundance improved far greater than with any other program or healer and I no longer have the constant feeling of lack and worry. I've also found the courage to remove myself from toxic relationships that I was afraid to end for several years. I've always had such a hard time letting go of people but I completely understand now that this is part of "clearing the gunk" so that we can heal. It's so incredibly empowering to know how much I have improved my self love and connection to God/Source working with Jenny and her energy is so loving and supportive!"
    ~ Laura

    Our wedding anniversary saved within minutes

    "I have never purchased a package as readily as I bought Jenny's. When I first heard Jenny, it was my wedding anniversary, and I had no intention of going near my husband let alone going out with him. Within minutes of the purchase, I felt a huge shift, and I ended up having a peaceful dinner at a restaurant that night. Also, my husband, a skeptic who felt that investing in energy work was a waste of time and money, listened to the Replay of the call as well as the MP3 tracks, said he felt as though he were being scrubbed and encouraged the purchase of the package.

    The private session with Jenny was amazingly accurate and healing. I could literally feel things peel away, and the transmutations extended beyond my household. Clearly, Jenny is a kind, clear, knowledgeable vessel, divinely appointed and greatly appreciated. Need I say that I highly recommend her!? YESSSSS…"
    ~ Marie, USA

    My relationship with myself changed so much. Attracting amazing men into my life

    "Jenny is my "go to" healer and I especially love the charged water, which I use for everything. My private session with Jenny was incredible, the shifts I felt then were so profound that my life basically changed from that moment. I started selling artwork after practically nothing for years and years and my relationship with myself changed so much that people are telling me that I even sound like a different person when I talk on the phone. I am so positive now when I used to be really negative about myself, and I have started to attract amazing men into my life. Thank you Jenny, from the bottom of my heart."
    ~ Lynn

    It was like a fairy tale. Intimacy was better than ever

    "The love bubble, worked wonderfully, I went on vacation with my husband and it couldn't have been more perfect. The flight was perfect, the airport dealings was fast, we picked up the car, everyone without exception was lovely. The hotel was beautiful, we received free upgrade on our 2nd day to an even more beautiful room. They receive us with a beautiful flower arrangement, that was not part of the package. In every restaurant we were served like Royalty, sometimes 5 servers just to us. I received 1 hour serénate paid by my husband. As a surprise our third night the hotel administration sent us a bottle of champagne with a tray of berries and chocolate. It was like a fairy tale. Intimacy was better than ever. Our comeback trip was wonderful, and we found everything perfect at home. I laugh a lot, which is something extraordinary for me and felt my vibrations were always high. Thank you Jenny for the time of my life!"
    ~ Dr. MU

    Feel more optimistic of building a life long relationship with my husband

    "I was surprised that within a couple days of listening to the MP3s, the quality of interaction between my husband and I was so much better than before. He seemed a lot more understanding, supportive and affectionate and did not express his stress in terms of irritable temper. Not only did this change help me be more "forgiving" of the past hurts between us, the changes also encouraged me to feel more optimistic of building a life long relationship with him. I am also doing much better with forgiving others in my life. I seemed to more quickly accept them, understanding why they did what they did, and not take some of their actions as personally as I would have."
    ~ Arden Springford, California, USA

    My relationship with my daughter re-connected & is healed

    "Before using Jenny's MP3s, and the Remote Healing programs, my relationship with my daughter had become sadly very strained & distant, due to her partner's controlling & domineering ways. However, after I started using the MP3s & also participating in two x 14 day Remote Healing, for maybe one month, my relationship with my daughter re-connected & is healed. Furthermore, she even found the strength & courage to leave this difficult young man. She is very very happy now 🙂 and I have my beloved daughter back in my life! Thank you!"
    ~ Mum, Australia

    Family, friendship, and folks at work are more loving and supportive!

    "I have made a list of all the people to help heal the relationship with. I ask my God team to work on the list and have noticed that most on the list have treated me slightly better especially in friendships they are more softer and engaging. My brothers have been more expressive, loving and supportive which really warms my heart. Have renewed contacts with my cousins and relatives. There’s shared feeling of love and support. Folks at work that have been more challenging seem to be a lot more supportive. I have also received gifts and won free coffee twice! People in general have been helpful."
    ~ Nina L., Vancouver, Canada

    Help me forgive those have hurt me in the past. More focus at work. Took care of myself!

    "The Relationships healing MP3 helped me to make peace with myself and towards people who hurt me in the past. I also felt so much lighter and had more focus at work. There was also a significant shift in my relationship with myself as I took care of myself and my needs more without being guilty about it. It was like a huge weight was lifted off my back!"
    ~ Teresa, Life Mastery Coach, Philippines

    Definitely a shift! Guys looking at me more lately

    "I have been divorced since 2009. Since the love program started I have been very blessed. My neighbors invited me down to their resort in Mexico. I felt so blessed to go on a trip & hardly spend anything. So abundance has been great for me during this time. I've noticed guys will look at me more lately. Had an offer for a sexual encounter but didn't accept. I did meet a guy at the ski resort and I was very interested. I definitely feel a shift!"
    ~ Sherri RN

    About Jenny Ngo:

    Jenny Ngo, MSN is an expert healer and business success coach for entrepreneurs. She is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs take their transformational business to 6 figures & beyond doing what they love AND have the support to navigate the ups and downs of business and life.

    She has been featured on well-known global telesummits, such as You Wealth Revolution & From Heartache To Joy. She has helped over 1,000 people discover their true purpose and gifts, and many of them started their dream business.

    Started out in modern medicine, Jenny worked as a Registered Nurse and Certified Nurse Midwife for over 12 years. She has transformed her life from a demanding profession, unfulfillment, and struggles to an awakened spiritual journey of healing and transformation. 

    Through her journey, she has been a powerful catalyst for fast and massive transformation and healing. Jenny discovered her own unique healing abilities and found her true calling. Now, as a spiritual “midwife”, she helps people “birth” their purpose and live their dreams.

    Her mission is to help heart-centered people around the world to fully align to their purpose and gifts, connect to their inner guidance, and breakthrough their limiting beliefs and blocks so that they can share their unique gifts to make the biggest impact and income.

    In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her soulmate, husband along with her 2 kiddos, traveling to the beach and other fun places.

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